Time to vote in Rutland's first Halloween House Decorating Contest,
and crown someone winner of the Creepy Tree Award! 

This map is being made public as part of online voting happening via SurveyMonkey link. Voting will begin on 10/23 and ends on the evening of 10/29. A link to the survey will be sent out by the Town of Rutland via email. The link will also be found on the Rutland schools PTOs’ and Rutland 4th of July’s Facebook pages.

Winners will be announced on Friday, October 30th at 12noon.
Drive slowly and safely, respect people's property, and Happy Haunted House touring!

2020 THEME

1920 to 2020 - Celebrating the Decades

Rutland paints the town Red, White & Blue!

Ten, count them ten decades that have brought this country to it’s feet, to it’s knees and occasionally together.

It’s time to kick-up our heels and celebrate America at our best, at our proudest, at our most outrageous

and perhaps even our most rebellious!


In true American fashion we’re going to paint this town - paint it Red, White & Blue!

Welcome to the 2020 celebration - Happy 4th of July Rutland!


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Show us your spirit Rutland!
Let's rally and show our true colors.

Red, White & Blue!

Thanks to all our participants!
And the winners are...